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About SAMS

SAMS was formed in 2000 by five members from St. Andrew, West Fargo, ND -- Pastor Zellers, Sara Moreland, Kathy Schmidt, and Kirk & Judy Rosin. The reason for setting up the Mission Society at that time was to pull together mission-minded people for the purpose of reaching others outside of our church through mission trips.

The St. Andrew Mission Society has taken 16 trips into Mexico, from 2001 through 2015, but during that time there have also been 11 other trips into Mexico that we have been a part of, which were organized by other church groups who asked for our assistance and/or guidance and most of them, for the use of our bus. There has always been a core group from St. Andrew that go on these trips, but organizers and trip participants have come from all over North Dakota, as well as Minnesota, South Dakota, Montana, Iowa, Nebraska, Texas and Indiana. We make these trips to reach out beyond our church and our country's borders to share the Gospel and assist the churches in Mexico through helping with and funding building projects, running VBS's, bringing Bibles and other printed Christian materials, and organizing giveaways of quilts, school and health kits, layettes, clothing and shoes. The group's prayer is that their time and efforts are a blessing and encouragement to the churches in Mexico, that their churches would continue to grow in numbers, in faith, and in outreach to their community. Many thanks to all who have donated money and time by putting together kits and sending along other donated items to aid the team and our Mexican brothers and sisters in Christ in reaching out with the love of Jesus. To God be all the glory!

Trip Log

The first trip for our newly formed Mission Society, in the summer of 2000, was an "in-state" servant event trip to Shepherd's Hill in Bottineau to help with a building project there. After that, we reached farther out and since then our trips have been to Mexico.

We traveled to Saltillo, Mexico, in 2001. After dealing with all the challenges of seventeen of us caravaning in three vans, later that year we decided to purchase our first bus.

In 2002 we made two trips, flying to El Paso in January, staying in El Paso and driving back and forth across the border into Juarez every day. In March of that year, we took our bus to Sicachique, Mexico.

In the Fall of 2002 we replaced our bus with a newer one, after the first one broke down and we decided it was not worth repairing.

In 2003 we made one trip, splitting our group into two teams, one staying in El Paso, and the second team again traveling on to Sicachique.

In 2004 our mission team went to Rio Bravo, Mexico.

In 2005 and 2006 we stayed in Laredo, Texas, and traveled every day across the border to work in Nuevo Laredo. In the summer of 2006, we decided to purchase a newer bus so that we might be able to get into Mexico easier.

In 2007 we took a team to Rio Bravo, and in 2008 it was Atongo.

The 2009 group split into two teams, half of them working in Rio Bravo,and the other half in Reynosa.

Our 2010 trip was to Tula, and in 2011 we took a team to Villa Mainero, Mexico.

In 2012 and 2013 SAMS traveled to Cercado, Mexico, and in 2014 we worked at the border in Nuevo Laredo, Mexico. In 2015 we traveled back to Villa Mainero, Mexico.

Other locations we have gone to in Mexico with other groups include LaBoca, Villa Mainero, Torreon, and other churches in Saltillo.