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Mission Society Minutes Dec 4, 2016

The St Andrew Mission Society met Sunday December 4, 2016 at 2pm. Those present were Kirk & Judy Rosin,Jenna Johnson, Pastor Jahnke,Cindy Hansen, Ken Koehler, Peggy Rieniets, Emily Leising,Glen Borchers,Jan Baker. We also Skyped with Bismarck & Huron groups.

Pastor Jahnke opened with Scripture from Matt 28 and a prayer.

Secretary and Treasurers reports were read, Judy reported we had received a donation of $2500. The wishes of the donor were for funds to be used for upgrades or maintenance on the bus, or wherever most need is. Discussion was held on how we may proceed.

Main topic was what location we would be going to. There were several recommendations: San Rafael, Potosi, Matehuala, Church of the Rock in Saltillo, and Macrina's church in Nuevo Laredo. Discussion was held on projects at these churches, and what locations and projects may fit best with the people going on the respective trips. The numbers appear strong enough to warrant two trips. The first trip will be February 17-26, and the second trip will be March 11-19. After lengthy discussion on the projects and locations, it was felt that the February trip would probably be best suited for working in Nuevo Laredo, while the March trip would probably be best suited for going to Potosi. We will still verify these with Pastor Mendez and try to flush out more of what work and opportunities may be available, but that is the direction we are pointing today.

A sheet was passed around for people to sign up as to which trip they may go on, or if they may go on both trips. This was not a commitment, this was just so we could start planning some logistics.

A committee sheet was also passed around for people to sign up for various committees. Committees include food/water, bus, medical, documents, language, printed materials, donated items, VBS, spiritual, music, bus activities, work project, tools committee, bookkeeping, historian/photographer. If you would like to get your name onto a committee or committees, please let us know, and we will add you. We will include an attachment which will describe what is involved with the committees.
It was decided our next meeting would be January 8, 2017, at 2 PM at St. Andrew. By this meeting we hope to have committees established and people determining which trip they will be a part of.

Ken closed with prayer.
Submitted by Jan Baker, Secretary