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Mission Society Minutes January 25, 2009

The SAMS team met Sunday January 25 at St Andrews Church to finalize the plans for the Rio Bravo--Reynosa Trip this week. In attendance were Kirk and Judy Rosin, Del Ruff, Sara Moreland, Chad Berg and Janet Baker.

Del opened the meeting, suggestion was made that we send thank you's to all those "extra" people that help make our mission trips possible. Del will give the list to Janet' and Judy as treasurer will acknowledge the monetary gifts.

Kirk went thru the committees to see that all things were ready to go. For the work project in Reynosa they will be constructing a multipurpose building to be used for a community center, church, school, etc. In Rio Bravo they will be finishing the plumbing on the 2nd story at the church and, at the mission, cutting a door between the two rooms, tiling, painting and finishing off the rooms there. Dean and Shirley have been doing alot of arrangements as to food, bus facilities, etc. Chad Berg will be responsible for keeping track of the music books.


  • * Friday Jan 30 we will be packing the bus at St Andrews from 1-4PM. You are asked to bring a carry-on luggage for Friday and Saturday nites, as once your large luggage is loaded it will stay on the bus. Please put identification tags on your sleeping bags and luggage! Judy will be checking everyone to see they have the proper documents needed--(1) your passport OR a photo ID AND certified birth certificate, and (2) the registration form she gave you to fill out, and, for those under 18, the parental consent section, signed by your parents, with both signatures notarized. We leave from St. Andrew at 4PM on Friday.
  • * For those riding to Mankato, please bring a sack lunch for supper, as we won't be stopping to eat. We will stay at Mankato overnight, where we will pick up more of our team.
  • * Saturday we will stop at Des Moines 'Ia to pick up Kirks sister and then on to Moore, Oklahoma for overnight. On Sunday we plan to go all the way to Rio Bravo, so we will need to get an early start.
  • * Coming home we plan to leave Rio Bravo Friday evening, staying overnight at the church in Alice, Texas. Saturday night we will stay at Wichita and home on Sunday night.a

    Shirley Schiller reported she would have food for Monday, and then the food committee would meet upon arrival in Mexico to plan the rest of the menus and get food for the rest of the week. Kim is bringing 120 pounds of meat from South Dakota, so she most likely will have coolers for the trip. Del will check with Lenny Heupel on the possibility of some donated meat to also take on the trip.

    Glenn Borchers and his wife are going on a mission trip to Tanzania. They wanted to invite people to join them on the trip with MOST Ministries. There are other mission possibilities also. The North Dakota LLL Disaster Response is looking at a possible trip to Camp Restore in New Orleans in March. TLC Mission Society is planning a trip in response to Hurricane Ike to the Galveston area in March. They are also considering possibly going to Sicachique, Mexico, this summer.

    Glenn B. called Kirk and asked if they could use our Mission Display Board for a Mission Festival they are having at Redeemer upcoming.

    Submitted by Janet Baker, Secretary