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Mission Society Minutes of January 4, 2009

St Andrew Mission Society met Sunday January 4 at 2PM at St Andrew Lutheran Church

Meeting was opened by President Del Ruff. Pastor Jahnke had a devotion on the Gettysburg address.
The Minutes were read from the last meeting.
The Committees for the mission trip were discussed.

Food and Water: Shirley Schiller will be in charge with help from everyone. Shirley has purchased 120 pounds of meat through Kim Rieger. The rest of the food and things will be purchased down South.

Bus: Discussion that the bus will need an oil change and tune up before going on the road. Discussion was held on getting the bus started in this cold weather.

Medical: There will be 4 nurses and a med tech with our group and they would like to do a medical outreach program while there. We are still waiting for information back from Pastor Erickson and Wanda about possible opportunities at the locations.

Documents: Judy stated that everyone has to fill out a LALM form and anyone under 18 has to have a parental consent form signed and notarized by both parents. Forms are available on the SAMS web site, www.StAndrewMissions.org. Everyone MUST BRING either a certified original birth certificate AND photo ID, OR a passport for identification in getting back into the United States.

Language: Kim Rieger and a couple people from Mankato will be helping.

Printed Materials: Del and Kirk are working on getting Bibles and other materials. Del will take care of the Project Connect. It was decided to get a case of hardcover Bibles for Reynosa, the book of Concord for Reynosa, and 200 Children's New Testaments to be split between the two locations. Our Redeemer in Moorhead has marked Bibles for us to take.

Donated Items: Janet,Judy, Cindy and Sara will be sorting and packing boxes this week as they would like to have them to the warehouse by Saturday to ship out. Cindi Jo has already sent some school kits down. Bob Schaefer has some toys. Bob Bauer has some baseball equipment. We are hoping to take approximately 100 quilts.

VBS: Cindy, Judy and Sara are working on things here and will be coordinating with the Mankato group, planning for 100 children at each location.

Spiritual: Pastor Bruenjes and DCE Alex from Mankato will handle this committee.

Music: Jim Dennis, and Chris & Patricia Busiahn from Mankato will be handling the music.

Bus Activities: Del and Jim Dennis are handling this.

Work Project: Kirk has been in touch with Wanda Garcia; they plan to build a 20x30 structure to use as a church in Reynosa. There also may be some work with the elderly fixing some of their homes. We are still waiting to hear from Pastor Erickson what there may be for work in Rio Bravo.

Tools: Bob Schaefer is heading up the tools. He will be in touch with the Mankato committee to coordinate the tools. They asked us to bring ALOT of extension cords, as we don't know how close electricity may be.

Bookkeeping: The balance of the money for the trip is to be sent to Judy within this week.

Photographer: Olivia Tyrell is interested in serving on this committee, along with a representation from the Mankato group.

Place to Stay: We will leave Friday night, January 30th, when everyone is available for departure. We will stay at Mankato that night. The Mankato group is coordinating this. We plan to pack the bus earlier on Friday, and then would again pack the Mankato group once we arrive there Friday evening. We would stay in Oklahoma Saturday nite. Discussion was held on where we would stay once we arrived down South. It would be nice if we could all stay in Rio Bravo, but we do not know if the church there can handle all the people. We will follow up to attempt to get a feel for what Pastor DeLeon thinks. If not, we may need to split the group up. Discussion was also held on whether to attempt to drive all the way to Rio Bravo on Sunday or attempt to stop in McAllen and go the rest of the way in on Monday. This is also being explored further. There was also discussion on whether to come back to McAllen Friday night, or leave from Rio Bravo Saturday morning. On the way back we would stop overnight in Wichita.

Old Bus: Dean is working on selling it.

Website: Elissa is working on it, and will keep updating it as trip details develop.

Other Mission Opportunities: There may be a youth trip to the Creation Museum this summer, which would also involve a servant event. A group is going from Janesville, Minnesota, to Port Arthur, Texas in March. There may also be a group going to Camp Restore later on. There is a group going to Biloxi the first week in February also.

Report on China: They are working with the Orphan Grain Train to get a shipment sent.

Update on Iraq families: Not much right now. There are still opportunities for ESL teaching with these families.

Next Meeting: JANUARY 25 at 2:00 at St. Andrew Church

Attending this meeting: Kirk and Judy Rosin, Del Ruff, Dave Beck, Bob and Dee Schafer, Pastor Jahnke, Ken Koehler, Cindy Hanson, Matt & Chad Berg, Howard Stewart, Krista Horton, Janet Baker.

We closed with the Lords Prayer.
Janet Baker, Secretary