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Mission Society Minutes January 3, 2010

The SAMS team met Sunday January 3 at St Andrews Lutheran Church, West Fargo at 2PM with 11 in attendance.

Pastor Bruenjes opened with a devotion from John 1:1.

In the absence of President Del, Kirk led the meeting. Secretary Janet read the minutes from the last meeting. Treasurer Judy reported no changes since the last meeting.

Our mission trip agenda is as follows: We will load the bus(including our luggage) Friday aft and evening. Everyone should bring a carry on for the one overnight stay so we don't have to unload all the luggage. We will leave at 6AM Saturday morning and go as far as Moore, Oklahoma where we will stay at St Johns Lutheran Church. Leave early Sunday morning so we get to Laredo in time to do our food shopping. Monday morning leave early to get to Tula . We will be there Mon,Tues,Wed,Thurs and leave early Friday morning, staying overnight at Laredo. On Saturday night we will stay at Holy Cross Lutheran church in Wichita, returning home Sunday.

The updated committees are:
Food and Water---Everyone
Bus & Transportation:Bill Rahlf,Kirk Rosin, Bob Schaefer
Medical: Mary Bruenjes
Bookkeeping and Documents: Judy Rosin
Language: Kim Reiger
Printed Materials: Del Ruff, Judy Rosin, Sara Moreland
Donated Items: Jan Baker
VBS: Judy Rosin, Sara Moreland,Cindy Vollmer-Hansen, Kim Reiger
Spiritual: Pastor Bruenjes, Chad Berg
Music: Pastor B. and Janet
Bus Activities: Pastor B. and Janet
Work Projects: Kirk Rosin, Bob Schaefer, Leroy Siedschlag
Tools: Bob Schaefer, Gene Lonski
Photographer: Sara and Judy
Everyone pitches in to help where ever they are needed.

Bob and Gene have volunteered to make breakfast every morning and the rest of us will help with the food when we get hungry.

Submitted by Jan Baker, Secretary

Here are some motions from the December 6 meeting that are being added as an addendum to the January 3rd minutes:

MMSP to authorize the Printed Materials Committee to spend up to $700 of the money designated for Spanish printed materials, to purchase Project Connect(s), and Spanish Hardcover Pew Bibles, Shirt Pocket New Testaments, and the Book of Concord for our mission trip.

MMSP to authorize the VBS Committee to spend up to $500 of the money designated for VBS materials, to purchase the Spanish Children's Bibles "Encountering Jesus," for giveaway at the VBS's in Mexico on our trip.

MMSP to contribute $200 toward speaker expenses for the St. Andrew Mission Festival held December 6 out of our Interest fund.

MMSP to make available our SAMS bus to St. Andrew Lutheran for use in transporting several people that need transportation to church and Sunday School on Sundays.

MMSP to authorize Weiqin Gu, who is presently in China, to spend up to $150 for purchase of Christian materials to distribute while she is in China, and that we will reimburse her from funds designated for our "Work in China."