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Mission Society Minutes November 14, 2010

Saint Andrew Mission Society met Sunday November 14, 2010 at Saint Andrew Lutheran Church, West Fargo at 2 PM.

Those present were Lyle and Jeanne Puffe from Grand Forks, Kirk and Judy Rosin, Cindy Hansen, Sara Moreland, Del Ruff, Jan Baker.

President Del opened the meeting with Scripture from Acts 22:16, followed by a prayer.

Main item for the meeting was to get our committees set up for the upcoming mission trip. It was decided that, at this time we would once again leave on Saturday morning, January 22nd, at 6 AM. The local people will find housing for anyone coming in on Friday evening. Saturday night we will again tentatively stay in Moore, Oklahoma. Sunday evening we will be staying in Laredo. We will attempt to get in early enough Sunday evening to go to the Colombia Bridge to get our visas so that we can leave first thing Monday morning. We are considering taking two of the mission vans and one or two trailers, (depending on how much stuff we have,) to Villa Mainero. We will depart from Villa Mainero on Friday, January 28th, staying overnight in Laredo. On Saturday night we will tentatively stay overnight at Holy Cross in Wichita, Kansas.

Everyone agreed that Eunice Alexander had done a great job with the food last year, and the decision was unanimous to once again request that she head up the food committee. Others agreed to help out. We would once again most likely buy our food in Laredo on Sunday night for the trip across. In Villa Mainero we will, as was the case last year, have to take our cooking equipment with us, as the equipment there is limited.

Lyle made a motion, seconded by Del that the committee for Printed Materials be in charge of selecting and ordering materials. Pastor Erickson said they could always use the hard cover Bibles and the Project Connect tracts were very popular. An e-mail from Willis Stelter was read, and the group agreed to ask if they would go forward with marking the Bibles once again. Lyle & Jeanne Puffe said they would be in St. Louis and would pick up a Spanish Book of Concord.

Jan volunteered to head up the donated items, along with assistance from Jeanne & Lyle Puffe. Others said they would help out with the packing of the materials at the church and on the bus. Pastor Erickson said that, in this mountainous area this time of year they could definitely use jackets, sweaters, and any warm clothing, along with quilts and blankets. We can also take the usual health kits, school kits, layettes, and toys for the children and the carnival.

VBS -- the committee for this was formed, and they will be meeting before SAMS next meeting. Pastor Erickson said that normally, in these small villages, school is usually in the morning, and dismissed early afternoon, so VBS would probably be in the afternoon. Pastor Ulyssis has another village up in the mountains that he has been going to that he may want a VBS held also. Pastor Erickson also said that Pastor Ulyssis has been working in a couple of other locations in the mountains and may want to do something in those locations also. Pastor Erickson will attempt to contact him to find out what he would like us to do in regards to VBS.

Del reported that he had some really good music and that he would be bringing it along for our use on the trip.

Work project -- In visiting with Pastor Erickson, there is still some question on what we will be doing on this work project. Pastor Ulysses may try to get some work done before we arrive. The beams have not been put up yet and would need to be put up before the roof went up. Pastor Erickson also said there is some discussion on exactly how the building would go up. Some thought a second story should go on, because of the good footings and excellent structure that has been started. They thought it would be a waste not to utilize a second story. So maybe we will be putting on a floor/ceiling. This would be reminiscent of what we did in Rio Bravo. All of this is really unknown at this time. Pastor Erickson will contact Pastor Ulysses about what they would like to have done and how they would go about doing it. He told me that materials have been purchased, but we never know if that is the correct amount or not. Many people had wondered about other things that may be done. We may not even be working on the roof, so there would be plenty of work for everyone on the ground. There are also doors and windows that need to be put in, plastering will need to be done, and also painting. Pastor Erickson will check to see if there are other things that need to be done there. It appears that there will be plenty of work.

Food and Water---Eunice, Cindy, Mary B.
Bus and Transportation--- Bill R., Del, Kirk. Bob S.
Medical---Mary B., Marilyn
Book keeping and Documents---Judy
Language----- Kim, Mark, Del
Printed Materials---Marilyn, Del, Judy
Donated Items---- Mary B., Jeanne, Lyle, Cindy, Jan
VBS-----Cindy, Marilyn, Judy, Kim, Sara, Jeanne
Spiritual------Pastor B., Mary B., Matt, Chad
Music-------Del, Jan, Pastor Bruenjes, Matt
Bus Activities-------- Del, Jan, Matt
Work Project-------Kirk, Bob S., Lyle, Gene
Tools-----Bob S., Gene, Lyle

Next Meeting will be Dec. 12 at 2PM at Saint Andrew Lutheran Church

Kirk closed with a prayer
Submitted by Jan Baker, Secretary