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Mission Society Minutes December 4, 2012

The St Andrew Mission Society met at 2PM December 4, 2012 at St Andrew Lutheran Church West Fargo, N. D.
President Del opened the meeting with a prayer. Those present were Kirk and Judy Rosin, Del Ruff, Cindy Hansen, Chad Berg, Bruce Madlom, Dalen Schmitz, Nolan Clark, Janet Baker.
Main discussion was the upcoming mission trip which will be Feb 24 to Mar 4, 2012 to Cercado Coahulia. This is a little village an hours drive southwest of Saltillo, Mexico. Discussion was held on when we would leave. Motion msp that we should pursue leaving Thursday evening on February 23, and driving to Sioux Falls, SD, for the night. This would shorten up the next day's trip and also allow us some flexibility for weather. This is dependent on us being able to find somewhere to stay in Sioux Falls. Kirk will follow up on this. There was also discussion on transportation. We will be limited in the number of people that we will be able to take into Mexico. The mission has two vans and a pickup that we could utilize for transportation. Therefore we will have to limit the number of people we can take into Mexico to 32. It was decided that if this was a factor, it would be on a first come, first serve basis. If people put their deposits in, then they would be on the list to go. If we had more than 32, we would then just have a waiting list. It was also decided once again, that we would not take more youth than a 1 to 1 ratio of youth to adults. Again, this would be on a first come, first serve basis, with a waiting list set up after that. It was also set that a minimum for taking the bus would be approximately 20. Currently we have 12 signed up and committed for the trip.

Cercado Coahulia is supposedly a village up in the mountains. We expect the temperatures will be cool, but not cold. Jan, Judy, Kirk, Betty Lou and Dan attended the Latin American Lutheran Mission 75th anniversary celebration in Minneapolis in November. Pastor Musio was one of the Mexican pastors at the anniversary. He is the pastor we will be working with in Mexico. We had an opportunity to sit down with him and get some insights into our mission trip. He and his wife were very excited, and told us that their church was already praying for us. Cercado Coahulia is a very poor area. One of the members of his congregation in Saltillo is from this area. They had started making trips to this area to organize a mission outreach. They have done some work in the area to help with community things, such as digging a well, etc. The mayor of the city gave them some land where they could build a church. Nothing has been done on this land yet, but they have drawn up the plans for what they would like to build. They have a couple of places for us to stay. One is a house, and the other is a community center. The community center has a kitchen which we can use. There also may be a possibility, if need be, of staying at the school. They have electricity, but I don't believe they have running water. Discussion was held on the work project. There was some question as to whether we should attempt to raise some money to see if we could get the footings and foundation poured before we got there. Then it would be a matter of putting up the block walls. The feelings from the group was that we should pursue this further. The pastor said there were about 55 children in the school, and we could hold VBS in the afternoons. He was sure all the children would be at VBS, as they have never had anything like this before in their village.

Here is a temporary list of committees. If you aren't on one, let Judy know which ones you would like to work on.
Food and water: Pastor Musio said there would be water in the village to buy. He had said that they intended on preparing all the food for us, but we informed him that we would prepare the food, as food for 30 people would create a financial hardship for this village.
Bus and Transportation: Kirk Rosin,Bill Rahlf, Bob Schafer, Del Ruff
Bookkeeping and Documents: Judy Rosin -- Judy stated that everyone has to fill out a LALM form and anyone under 18 has to have a parental consent form signed by both parents and notarized. Forms are available on the Sams website www.StAndrewmissions.org. All youth may bring either a certified birth certificate, church mission certification, and photo ID. Otherwise everyone must have either a passport or travel card for identification to get back into the United States. We will attempt to keep the cost for the trip at $400. A deposit of $100 will be due by our next meeting, with the balance due by mid-February.
Language: Kim Rieger,
Printed Materials: Judy Rosin -- A motion was made by Cindy seconded by Kirk that we could use up to $750.00 to purchase hard cover Bibles, paperback Bibles, tract rack and tracts and a book of Concord. Motion carried.
Donated Items: Janet Baker, Cindy Hansen, Sara Moreland -- Janet visited with Pastor Musio and will direct collection of items.
VBS: Judy Rosin, Cindy Hansen, Sara Moreland, Kim Rieger
Spiritual: Chad Berg,
Bus Activities:
Work Project: Kirk Rosin, Bob Schafer,Del Ruff, Bruce Madlom
Tools: Bob Schafer, Dalen Schmitz
Photographer: Bruce Madlom

Other business: Dec 17 St Andrews LYF is hosting the LYF Zone Winter Rally. They have asked to have a presentation about SAMS trip at this meeting. Kirk will do the presentation.. The LYFer's are putting together Health Kits to send along on the mission trip. Cindy and Janet will assist them with this.

January 22-25, 2012 is the ND LCMS Convention in Grand Forks. We agreed to have a booth, Cindy, Judy and Janet volunteered to get a display together and have a handout for our booth. Janet plans to attend the convention and volunteered to run the booth. Bruce is working on a logo.

Other mission opportunities: Kirk reported on some possibilities with LHM in Indonesia, and Open Doors in Asia. Del reported that he would like a follow-up trip to Nicaragua next June.

Our next meeting is January 8, 2012 at St Andrews Lutheran Church at 2PM.

Submitted by Janet Baker, Secretary