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Mission Society Minutes October 2, 2011

Saint Andrew Mission Society met Sunday October 2, 2012 at 2PM at St Andrew Lutheran Church, West Fargo, N. D.

Those present were Kirk and Judy Rosin, Del Ruff, Sara Moreland ,Cybil Johnson, Cindy Hanson and Janet Baker.

President Del opened the meeting with a few thoughts from Scripture. Treasurer, Judy reported that we had two donations since our last meeting, $150.00 from Bethel Lutheran LWML in Bismarck and $50.00 from St Paul Lutheran Church at Wimbledon.

Kirk reported on an invitation to the 75th Anniversary Celebration of LALM which will be November 11-13, 2011 at Wooddale Lutheran Church, St Paul, Mn. Our St. Andrew Mission Society will be recognized for the work we have been doing through the years with LALM. They would like for SAMS to bring the bus, picking up people along the way through Brookings, Sioux Falls, Albert Lea and Rochester. This is all tentative at this time.

Kirk and Judy have been spending alot of time with the flood recovery in Minot and still more to be done if others are interested,contact Kirk.

October 29 Redeemer Lutheran Church in Moorhead is hosting a Mission Fair and asked that our SAMS group would set up a booth. Del, Cindy and Janet volunteered to help with this project.

Don Brandenburg has brought 100 backpacks for the next mission trip to Mexico; these were donated by a lady from LaMoure.

The winter mission trip was discussed. There was a lot of discussion in regards to the safety in going into Mexico. We continue to get conflicting reports. Many way we should not go there, including our State Department, but others tell us they have not had a problem. Pastor Erickson told us that he goes to Nuevo Laredo on a weekly basis; he has never encountered any problems or seen any problems. He is not aware of any problems with the Mexican Pastors, their families, or their congregations. As always, if we do go on this mission trip, it will again be up to each individual to decide if this is for them. Dates were discussed. It was suggested we should maybe move our dates so some others may be available to go on the trip. Possible dates February 24- March 4, 2012. Our goal is, once again, to keep the cost of the mission trip at $400 per person. There was also discussion on where we may possibly go to work in Mexico. The consensus seemed to be to stay away from the border cities or the larger cities, namely Monterey, as this is where most of the conflict in Mexico has occurred. Following is an e-mail from Pastor Erickson in regards to possibilities in Mexico with the ELCM.

Kirk and Judy,
Thanks for our chat. You guys have always been a tremendous encouragement to us. Thanks for
keeping us in the loop.The projects that I mentioned on the phone are:

'Cercado Coahuila', a rancho (rural area) about an hours' drive from SW Saltillo. A member of Musio and Esperanza's church in Saltillo, Buen Samaritano, has roots there and invited the church to take the Gospel to Cercado Coahila. There have been making a weekly or twice monthly trip in Musio's pick up truck full of donated stuff, and people. They meet at present in a hope or carport for worship and teaching. Often as they have donated stuff, they bring it along. Rogelio Balvantin often accompanies them. On one occasion the group was able to repair the well in the community, I guess the pump went out. They have a parcel for a chapel, and I think they have begun to dig some footings, but the project goes forward, as is so often the case, as block is obtained. Their intention is to have a church there and they have faithfully built relationships to develope critical mass for a congregation.
Esperanza has come to the border on two occasions to pack up boxes and suitcases for clothes, shoes, and health and school kits for the children and for the small primary school in the community. It's a poor rural area so basic needs are the bottom line: food, clothing, vitamins, etc.

"Sola Fe" Church, which was lost in a fire last February, has put up some provisional structures for use until the chapel is rebuilt. Only some footings and towers have been built so far. They want to have a cement roof on this time around to avoid another fire situation. Hoping to build a small apartment on the second level where a permanent care taker or pastor could reside to take care for the property.

"Parsonage above the annex at Calvary" - A stick structure was put up there and at "Sola Escritura" (Word Alone) Both were just 2x4 walls with no insulation or sheetrock. Word Alone does have weekly classes for children and worship led by the laity from Calvary. (Haven't you done vbs in that culdesac near there?)

"River Jordan Lutheran" Villa Mainero.
Let me know what other details you need.
Dick and Barb

Of course there are other locations also, that we could consider, if none of these seem to fit us.

Kirk stated that Dean would be in town this week and would help him with bus inspection and putting seats back in as the youth group wants to use the bus for their convention October 20 in Bismarck.

The next meeting will be October 30 at 2PM at St Andrew Lutheran Church. If you will not be able to attend this meeting, please let Kirk know if you have any preferences on dates or places that we may go to. We will clean the bus after this meeting.

Submitted by Janet Baker, Secretary