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Mission Society Minutes October 30, 2011

The St. Andrew Mission Society met at 2 PM on Sunday, October 30th at St. Andrew Lutheran Church. Opening devotion was led by President Del Ruff. His devotion was taken from Gary Theis's presentation on Saturday at Our Redeemer in Moorhead. It was from 1Thess. 5:16-19. The three points were: Be Joyful Always, Pray Continually, and Give Thanks.

The main focus of the meeting was our annual winter mission trip. Discussion was held on where everyone would like to see us go. It was finally decided that we would go to Cercado Coahuila. This is a rural area about an hour's drive southwest of Saltillo, Mexico. This is an area where the Good Shepherd Lutheran Church of Saltillo is attempting to start a mission church. This is interesting, as Good Shepherd Lutheran Church was the site of our first mission trip that the St. Andrew Mission Society went to. At that time they had walls on three sides and a block building in it. They had not even started yet on the chapel area, and we did some leveling of where the church would go. We now come back and assist them in a mission outreach to another location. Praise the Lord for the work He has done there!

Cercado Coahuila is a very poor area. They have basic needs of food, clothing, etc. There will also be opportunities for school kits for the children. We will get more information from Pastor Erickson, but believe there is a possibility of building a new chapel there for them. They may have already even started the work. We hope to have our usual opportunities for Vacation Bible School for the children. Pastor Erickson feels every child in town will be there, as they will have never had anything like this before. We are still checking into logistics as far as sleeping arrangements, etc. This being a rural area, we may have to commute back and forth to Saltillo. Pastor Erickson is checking into a possibility of maybe using the school there to stay at. I don't believe there is a sanitary sewer system or running water.

We discussed dates also, for the trip. As this location is up in the mountains, it will be to our advantage to go a little later in the year. There were also a number of others who expressed the possibility of going if we went later in the year. The decision was finally made that we would go February 24th to March 4th, 2012. We are intending to leave on a Friday morning, changing from our normal routine, to give us an extra day in Mexico.

There had been plans to take the Mission Society bus to the Latin American Lutheran Mission anniversary at Wooddale Lutheran in Minneapolis. However, there were not enough people to justify taking the bus, so we will be taking two cars, one from Fargo, and one from Sioux Falls. We will be leaving the morning of Friday, November 11th, and returning on the 13th. There is still room if anyone is interested in going.

We have watched the news of severe flooding in Thailand. The Lutheran Hour Ministry director there, Boom, has been giving us reports of severe flooding there. There may be opportunities for outreach in Thailand. Lutheran Hour Ministries is also studying the possibility of opening up an office in Indonesia. This may be something we want to consider assisting with in the future.

Del Ruff reported on the Mission Event at Our Redeemer in Moorhead on Saturday. He felt it went very well, and was very encouraged by the words of keynote speaker Gary Theis. Del suggested we should have a banner for our display or some type of advertising to put our name out before the people.

The next meeting was set for December 4th at 2 PM at St. Andrew Lutheran Church.

We closed with prayer and then cleaned the bus so it is ready for our next trip.