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Mission Society Minutes December 16, 2012

The Saint Andrew Mission Society met Sunday December 16, 2012 at 2PM at St Andrew Lutheran Church, West Fargo

President Del opened the meeting with a prayer. Those present were Bruce and Lexi Madlom, Chad Berg, Kirk and Judy Rosin,Del Ruff, Dalen Schmitz, Janet Baker, Dan Rugroden.

Treasurer Judy reported we had received a donation of $100.00 from Pastor and Mary Bruenjes from an honorarium received.

Kirk reported that he had talked to Pastor Mendez, who had talked to Pastor Musio regarding our plans. He said that everything was a go for our team's trip in January. They were excited and looking forward to our coming. The work project is at the same point as when we left last year. Pastor Mendez forwarded on to us a budget from Pastor Musio on the work yet to be done and materials needed. However, the cost was much greater than the funds we have available, so Kirk was going to attempt to have him break it down and figure out what part of the project we could pay for and complete when we come.

FOOD & WATER: Kim told us that she and Eunice were working on this.
BUS, TRANSPORTATION & DEPARTURE: We will be leaving on Friday, January 25th between 5:00 and 5:30 PM. The bus is ready to go and is still in Edgeley. We will attempt to get it back to Fargo a couple of weeks before we leave. We don't have confirmation yet on getting the van from Saltillo to pick us up in Laredo and return us back again. Kirk will touch base with Pastor Mendez and also will talk to Pastor Erickson about the situation.
MEDICAL: Richard said he will be joining us this year, so he, along with Mary, will be on the medical team.
BOOKKEEPING & DOCUMENTS: Registration forms were handed out to be filled in and returned to Judy. If you weren't at the meeting you can download and print them from the website, www.StAndrewMissions.org. All youth must have the form signed by their parents, and those signatures must be notarized. Deposits were due by this meeting, and the balance of the $400 will be due by the next meeting.
LANGUAGE: Dalen and Chad said they were willing to help on this committee. Dan, too, offered to help. Kim is also on this committee.
PRINTED MATERIALS: Dalen reported that the marking of the Bibles from Our Redeemer in Moorhead had been completed and would be brought over to St. Andrew. Judy will check with the VBS committee to see if they have need for any printed materials.
DONATED ITEMS: Pastor Mendez and Pastor Musio have not reported a need for any specific donated items. Everyone felt that children's clothes and tennis shoes could definitely be used. We also discussed about bringing some things for the school, as the teacher last year had expressed some needs, but we didn't have any of those things along. Kirk will pursue this with Pastor Mendez to see what may be needed. We felt this was important as the teacher was very instrumental in making things go smoothly for us last year.
SPIRITUAL: Pastor, Mary, and Chad will handle this.
MUSIC: Dalen said he would bring his guitar. There was discussion on bringing the Singing Saints songbooks. Chad was put in charge of the songbooks.
BUS ACTIVITIES: Del and Jacob are on this.
VBS: This committee has met and is in the process of putting together their materials.
WORK PROJECT: We are working to get more details on where we are at and what we may be doing.
TOOLS: Bob is in charge of this.
PHOTOGRAPHER: Bruce reported that he wanted to order the books from last year's trip as soon as possible. He was going to put in the order for those who had requested books. If anyone else wants one, they can still order them later, although they may be more expensive.

Kirk reported that there is a push by the Lutheran Laymen's League of North Dakota to get volunteers up to Hope Village in Minot. The dates for this activity are January 11-20, 2013.

We closed the meeting with the Lords Prayer.
Next meeting will be January 13, 2012 at 2:00

Submitted by Kirk and Janet