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Mission Society Minutes January 8, 2012

The St Andrew Mission Society met January 8, 2012 at 2PM at St Andrew Lutheran Church, West Fargo, N.D.
President Del opened the meeting and Kirk read from Revelations 3:14-22. Those present were Del Ruff, Kirk and Judy Rosin, Chad Berg,Bruce Madlom, Alex Madlom, Lexi Madlom, Kristina Bohn, Cindy Vollmar Hansen, Bob Schafer, Dalen Schmitz, Becky Schmitz, Janet Baker, Nolan Clark.
Treasurer, Judy reported we had donations of $400.00 from Kim Reiger's church, $250.00 from Trinity Lutheran School, Cedar Rapids, Ia, $50.00 from St Andrew LWML West Fargo
Kirk gave an update on the work project. Following up on the decision from our previous meeting, Kirk had contacted Pastor Erickson and told him to go ahead with the labor on digging the footings and foundation. Estimates had been received from Pastor Erickson for cost. It was estimated approximately $2900 for materials, plus $400 for labor to dig the footings and trenches. We would also have to pay the maestro approximately $150 for the week that we work down there. The group decided to use the $400 that Kim sent, the $250 from Trinity School, the $50 from St. Andrew LWML, $300 from Jonathan Warrey, and then Bruce Madlom put in $400. This gave us the $1400 that was estimated to put in the footings and foundation. At this time we have approximately 20 people signed up to go, and with each putting $60 towards the project, we would have $1200 of the remaining $2050 to put the walls up. We will continue to monitor the situation and what we will try to do when we go down there. Kirk & Judy are planning to go down the end of January, first of February to scope out the situation and will report back at our next meeting.
Here is a List of the committees, if you're not on one you will be assigned to one when you get there.
Food and water: We still do not have anyone signed up to head up the cooking. It was recommended that Kirk continue to monitor this situation and find someone to head this up before our next meeting.
Bus and Transportation: Kirk, Bill R. Bob, Del. Kirk had contacted people in Sioux Falls, but nothing has been finalized yet in regards to staying there Thursday night. Leaving Thursday night may create a hardship for some people. The group decided that, if people could not go because we were leaving Thursday evening, we would then not leave until Friday morning. Del said he would again line up inside storage for the bus so we could get it inside before we leave. There will be some seats that will need to be removed from the bus. Pastor Erickson informed us that the pickup is not running at this time and probably will not be working for our mission trip. Our plan is to be in Oklahoma City Friday night, Laredo Saturday night, pick up our visas Saturday night and get supplies, leave Sunday, and go all the way to Cercado Coahuila. We would then leave there on Friday, getting back to the mission that evening. Saturday we would leave Laredo, stopping overnight in Wichita, and Sunday arriving back in West Fargo.
Medical: Mary B., Richard, Kristina
Bookkeeping and Documents: Judy
Language, Kim, Dalen
Printed Materials: Judy and Cindy. Del had some Spanish materials that he passed around. The hardcover Bibles have been ordered and are already at Laredo. Our Redeemer in Moorhead has told us they have finished marking the Spanish New Testaments they are donating. Dalen will follow up to see where these are at and to make sure they get to St. Andrew. Judy will order the display rack and Book of Concord. Del will organize the pamphlets for the display rack for us to take along.
Donated items: Jan, Cindy, Sara. Jan reported that she is washing tennis shoes and is willing to continue to do that. She is going to set up a box at St. Andrew to collect tennis shoes.
VBS: Judy, Cindy, Sara, Kim, Nolan, Lexi, Christina. Pastor Erickson believes every child in the village will be there for VBS, as they have not had anything like this in the past. They estimate approximately 55 children. The VBS will be in the afternoons at 3 PM after school. The plan is to have VBS Monday through Thursday, with a carnival tentatively scheduled for Thursday.
Spiritual: Pastor & Mary B., Chad
Music: Pastor B
Work Project: Bob, Del, Kirk, Bruce, Alex, Dalen
Tools: Bob, Dalen. Bob will continue to coordinate efforts to make sure we have the tools for the work we will do down there.
Photographer: Bruce

Judy stated that everyone has to fill out a LALM form and anyone under 18 has to have a parental consent form signed by both parents and notarized. Forms are available on the Sams website www.StAndrewmissions.org. All youth may bring either a certified original birth certificate, church mission certification, and photo ID. Youth should let Judy know what they will be bringing for documentation so that we can have everything in order before we go. Otherwise everyone must have either a passport or travel card for identification to get back into the United States.
The cost of the trip is $400.00 and the balance needs to be paid by the Feb 12 meeting.
Bruce, Del and Cindy are completing a logo for SAMS. Jan and Mary B have volunteered to staff the display booth at the North Dakota LCMS District Convention in Grand Forks the end of January.

Del reported he is thinking about putting together a follow-up mission trip to Nicaragua in June. Kirk & Judy discussed the possibility of going to Liberia to do some work the end of March.

Our next meeting will be February 12 at 2PM at St Andrew Lutheran Church.

Submitted by Janet Baker, Secretary