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Mission Society Minutes November 18, 2012

The Saint Andrew Mission Society met Sunday November 18, 2012 at 1:00 pm at St Andrew Lutheran Church, West Fargo.

President Del opened the meeting with a devotion from Mark 13:5-6, reminding us to keep our focus on God as we go on this mission trip and also to reflect in our daily lives;
Those present were: Bruce and Lexi Madlom, Chad Berg, Kirk and Judy Rosin, Betty Lou Strand, Del Ruff, Robert and Dee Schafer, Cindy Hanson, Dalen Schmitz, Janet Baker.
Treasurer Judy reported that we had received a donation from Dee Schafer for $500.00 to help someone go on the mission trip if needed, otherwise to use wherever needed, and $300.00 from Jonathan Warrey.

Kirk stated that he had talked to Pastor Mendez at LALM and he wants our group to come. He said Pastor Erickson has expressed interest in joining us on the trip, and we hope that he can. He would be very instrumental in making our trip successful, plus a wonderful asset to our camaraderie.

The dates of our trip have been set for January 25- February 3, 2013 It was recommended that we limit our people to 31. No consensus was reached. Bruce made a motion that we leave at 5:00- 5:30pm the evening of the 25th. We will once again try to make arrangements to stay Friday night in Sioux Falls, Saturday night in Oklahoma City, and at Wichita on the way back. Kirk reported that Kirk and Deb VanOverbeke, from Oklahoma, lost their house this past summer in a wildfire. They have hosted us many times and always graciously offer to host us when we pass through. Please keep them in your prayers, as they make decisions regarding their future housing.

The group felt strongly, if at all possible, we should return to Cercado. We are awaiting word from Pastor Musio and Pastor Mendez that this is a go. The group feels comfortable in going there, and is familiar with the work that needs to be done, and the surroundings.

People signed up for committees, and discussion was held about what needs to be done. If you have not signed up yet, please let us know what committees you would like to serve on.

FOOD & WATER: We are counting on Eunice to once again head up the cooking. We will again purchase our food and water in Laredo before crossing into Mexico.
BUS & TRANSPORTATION: The bus is currently in Edgeley. It was all serviced and DOT inspected, with new tires put on it this summer, so it should be set to go. We will need to get it back here a couple of days before we go. Del felt he could take care of getting it garaged for a couple of days. We will again plan to pack the bus on Friday afternoon. We are working with Pastor Erickson to attempt to line up the vans as we did last year, to get us transportation from Laredo to Cercado and back again.
MEDICAL: Richard and Mary are currently on this committee.
BOOKKEEPING & DOCUMENTS: Everyone will need a passport or a pass card this year to enter into Mexico. We will again attempt to hold the cost for the trip at $400 per person. This will be dependent on what we can find for transportation into Mexico.
LANGUAGE: Kim, Dalen and Chad are on this committee
PRINTED MATERIALS: Because we are returning to a location where we took Bibles, etc., last year, we are thinking of not ordering any extra Bibles. Our Redeemer in Moorhead will once again be marking and donating Bibles for us to take down. We will also most likely take some of our Spanish Project Connect materials and will probably need some materials for VBS.
DONATED ITEMS: Jan, Cindy and Sara M are signed up on this committee. We have not received a recommendation from Pastor Musio on what could be used in Cercado. We have requested this information from Pastor Mendez. There is also some material that the school requested last year that we should see if we can acquire, as the school was very instrumental in making our mission trip happen and providing what comforts we did have.
SPIRITUAL: Pastor Bruenjes, Mary and Chad are on this committee.
MUSIC: Dalen -- the group emphasized what an uplifting part music was to our mission trips.
BUS ACTIVITIES: Much to the objections of the group, Del was once again allowed on this committee. The agreement was that all activities must be approved by a standing committee for appropriateness of a mission trip. :)
VBS: Cindy, Kim, Lexi, Sara and Judy are on this committee. They will meet to organize and prepare for the sessions in Cercado.
WORK PROJECT: The communication we have received is that the project has not moved forward since last year, so we pretty well know where we are at and what we will need to do. Bob S is heading up this committee.
TOOLS: Bob S will head up.
PHOTOGRAPHER: Bruce again volunteered to head up this committee.

Bruce was our photographer for last years trip and has now compiled a beautiful book of the trip. He presented a larger addition to our church and 2 smaller ones to Sams. If anyone would like a copy of the book you can email Bruce and look at it on line. Bruce's e-mail address is bmadlom@madlomlawoffice.com Bruce would like to order the books soon, so please give this some immediate attention. Please respond by December 16th. Prices are approximately $40 for the smaller one and $70 for the larger one.

Other mission opportunities, the Rosins are going to Liberia in March and Del to Nicaragua in June or July, if anyone is interested please contact them. There is still a need for volunteers to work with the recovery from the flood in Minot. Joe Boway was unable to come at this time, due to a medical situation in his family. He is planning to come next Spring to report on the Liberian Children's Ministry.

No other business we closed with the Lord's Prayer.

The next meeting will be December 16th at 2pm at St. Andrew. THIS IS A DATE CHANGE, DUE TO CONFLICTS. At this time everyone that is going should have a down payment of $100.00 to Judy.