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Mission Society Minutes October 28, 2012

The Saint Andrew Mission Society met Sunday October 28, 2012 at St Andrew Lutheran Church, West Fargo.

President Del opened the meeting; Those present were Kirk & Judy Rosin, Del Ruff, Cindy Hansen, Bob and Dee Schafer, Sara Moreland, Kim & Jacob Reiger, Betty Lou Strand, Pastor & Mary Bruenjes, Ben Bruenjes, Bill Rahlf,Janet Baker.

Janet read the minutes from the Feb 12 meeting. Judy reported donations from the last meeting . $250.00 from Jonathan Warrey in April, $500.00 from Jonathan Warrey in June, $75.00 from St Pauls LWML at Wimbledon and $100.00 from Alden Flakoll for bus expenses.
The Secretary and Treasurers reports were approved.

The big discussion was where the group would like to go on the next mission trip and when.. It was decided we would pursue going back to Cercado to work on the project from last year. Probable dates set were January 26-Feb 3, 2013 or alternate dates February 2-10. A motion was made by Bob Schafer, seconded by Pastor Bruenjes that we go with these dates. Kirk will check with LALM and Pastor Erickson to see if these dates would work.
Kirk and Judy are going to Liberia in March 2013, if anyone is interested going with you can contact them.

November 18 Joe Boway from Liberia will be giving a presentation during the coffee hour so it was decided to have our next meeting that day at 1pm, after the Lasagna dinner at St. Andrew.
Kirk reported that there is still alot of work to be done in Minot and at the LLL Convention in Wahpeton Saturday they decided to pick a January date and get a group to work there, the SAMS group to also help.

We closed with the Lords Prayer

Submitted by Janet Baker, Secretary

UPDATED INFORMATION as of October 30, 2012
Kirk contacted Pastor Erickson. He had talked to Pastor Musio at the LALM annual meeting in Minneapolis in September. Nothing further has been done on the construction of the church at Cercado since we left. However, due to the activity, the city has allowed the congregation to meet in the building which we were using for our meals. So it has worked out well for them.
Kirk has left a couple messages for Pastor Mendez at LALM, but has heard nothing yet.
Regarding the Joe Boway presentation on November 18, it was discovered that Joe's wife has had neck surgery and Joe will have to cancel his planned visit to North Dakota, so he will not have a presentation on November 18.
If you have any interest in possibly joining us on our Mexico mission trip, please let Kirk know. Let us know if the dates discussed will work or not or other dates that you may recommend. If we find a number of people that are interested in going, but have a conflict with these dates, we may be flexible to change them. We also need to plan some for transportation and logistics. We already have a core group that has said they want to go, but we need to get a firmer idea for our next meeting, of who may be interested in going. So if you are thinking about possibly going at all, please let us know that. No decision has to be made at this time; it is just to find out the interest that is out there to help us with some planning.