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Mission Society Minutes January 13, 2013

The Saint Andrew Mission Society met Sunday January 13, 2013 at 2pm at St Andrew Lutheran Church, West Fargo.

President Del opened the meeting by reading from Psalm 40. Chad, Ben and Dahlen also helped read the Psalm.
Treasurer Judy reported we had donations from Dean and Penny Johnson and Bill and Myrna Snow.
Attending the meeting were Kirk, Judy, Bruce, Lexi, Del. Chad, Ben, Dahlen, Cindy, Dan and Janet.

Kirk went thru all the committees and also gave us the agenda for the trip.
We are planning to leave St. Andrew at 5:00 on Friday, January 25th. We will be staying that night at Abiding Savior Free Lutheran in Sioux Falls. The next night we will be staying at St. John's Lutheran in Moore, Oklahoma. We will again be utilizing the mission van and trailer, plus the van we rented from Saltillo last year for our trip to Cercado. We will go down on Monday and return to the mission on Friday. Saturday night we will spend in Wichita, Kansas and will return Sunday evening.
The bus is currently in Edgeley and is need of two new batteries. Del will check on us getting the bus inside here at West Fargo until we leave. We still have to make arrangements as to how and when we will get the bus to West Fargo. Our plan is to start packing the bus at 1:00 on Friday and be ready to leave by 5:00. We currently have 23 people that have said they are going. We have a couple of others that are still undecided. We will once again pack all of our things for Laredo under the bus and have an overnight bag packed for Friday and Saturday night stops.
FOOD & WATER: Kim & Eunice sent out an e-mail asking everyone to once again bring 2-3 dozen bars/cookies. We also received an e-mail from Pastor Erickson that we need to bring a gas stove and bottle gas for our cooking. We will check with Kim and Eunice for availability, as we believe we have taken these along on other trips. The committee also reported that they would have things along for Saturday morning breakfast on the bus.
BOOKKEEPING & DOCUMENTS: Judy reminded the group that everyone needs a passport or passcard to get into Mexico. Youth under the age of 18 also need their registration form(s) signed by both parents with their signatures notarized. Please get your forms to Judy before we leave on the trip. If you don't have a registration form, they can be found on and printed from the SAMS website, www.StAndrewMissions.org. If you haven't paid the balance of the trip($400.00) you need to get it to Judy.
PRINTED MATERIALS: Pastor Bruenjes and Mary are ordering some children's materials to be utilized however needed.
DONATED ITEMS: We received an e-mail in regards to items that could be used at the school. Bruce said he would take care of the copy paper, Janet said she would take care of mops and brooms. Between Kim & here we have pencils, crayons, etc. A couple of things we may be short on are glue and sharpeners. We will check with Kim to see the possibilities of acquiring a few more. Jan and Sandy have pretty well finished packing things for the trip. We will take as many things as what we can. Jan said they are running out of suitcases.
MUSIC: Dalen has put together music sheets for us. Jim D will also be joining us.
WORK PROJECT: We have discussed how much work we will be able to get accomplished while we are down there. Bob feels if we finish getting the walls up, we will be doing good, so we are planning for that. Bill S's son-in-law works with a cement company and they are checking into the possibilities of assisting with the cement there. We will contact Pastor Erickson to see if we can get materials bought and delivered before we arrive, so that we can start work as soon as we get there.
Other mission and outreach opportunities: There is still a need for volunteers in Minot to assist with the flood recovery. Kirk and Judy may be going to Liberia in March. Del and Dalen are planning on joining a group going to Guatemala, and Del is also planning to go to Nicaragua this summer. If anyone has any interest in joining up on one of these trips, please contact one of them.

We closed with the Lord's Prayer.