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Mission Society Minutes November 17, 2013

The Saint Andrew Mission Society met Sunday November 17, 2013 at 2pm at St Andrew Lutheran Church,
West Fargo, ND

President Del Ruff opened the meeting and Kirk Rosin did a devotion based on Ephesians 2:8-10.
Attending the meeting were Del Ruff, Kirk and Judy Rosin, Kim and Gabe Reiger,Donna Thompson, Sarah Moreland, Bob and Dee Schafer, Dan and Sally Rugroden, Bruce and Lexi Madlom, Cybil and Jenna Johnson, Betty Strand, Janet Baker.

Treasurer Judy reported their were two donations since our last meeting, one from St Pauls LWML, Wimbleton and one from Immanuel LWML, Wahpeton.

Del asked for any mission reports. Dan had been to the LALM Convention in St Paul and Kirk and Judy to Liberia, Africa a month in August.

There was discussion as to where we may go and when for a winter mission trip. February 15-23, 2014 was discussed as a prime time to go. Kirk will make some phone calls and check this further. It was discussed where the group may want to go. Rio Bravo, Villa Mainero, Cercado, Ysleta and Laredo/Nuevo Laredo were all discussed. The consensus seemed to be that a good option would be to go to the LALM mission in Laredo, staying there, and working in Nuevo Laredo and Laredo. Things have been getting back to normal, and more work is being done in Nuevo Laredo.

Kirk contacted Pastor Mendez at the mission. February 15-22 is open and available at the mission, and Pastor said he would love to have us come down at that time. He said there are many projects in Nuevo Laredo and Laredo that we could work on, so it would not be a problem finding somewhere to work on either side of the border. Kirk will work with Pastor Mendez on more details of possible work sites and we will focus on a location at our next meeting.
Pastor Mendez also stated that they could use construction tools for the mission. He said they could also use whatever else we would bring for donations, including clothes.

Next meeting will be December 8 , 2013 at 2pm at St Andrew church. If you have an interest and are maybe considering going, please let us know. This will give us some idea of what we may do for work projects, VBS, transportation, etc. We do not need a firm commitment at this time, just some idea of who may be going. We will not have much time to prepare for this trip, so at the next meeting, we need to start thinking about what committees people will serve on.

The meeting was closed with the Lords prayer
Submitted by secretary, Janet Baker