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Mission Society Minutes January 5, 2014

The St Andrew Mission Society met Sunday January 5, 2014 at 2pm at St Andrew Lutheran Church, West Fargo

President Del Ruff opened the meeting with a devotion from Ex 23:2 & Rom 12:2.
Attending were Kirk & Judy Rosin, Lexi Madlom, Cindy Hansen, Del Ruff, Cybil & Jenna Johnson & Jan Baker.

The main discussion was our Mission Trip which is Febuary 15-February 23, 2014.

Committee Assignments were assigned, which will be flexible as we all help wherever we are needed.

Food & Water: OPEN looking for volunteers (UPDATE: Shirley Schiller has said she and Dean will be joining us, and that she would head up the food and water committee.)

Bus,Transportation & Departure: Kirk, Bill, Bob, Rob. The bus is going to need to be started and moved with some servicing of it before we leave. The goal is to look for some warmer weather the first of February to try to get it started. The batteries need to be checked out. Del will check with Jay to see about getting it inside before we leave. We currently are looking at approximately 25 people going, so we would have about 6 seats to take out. Discussion was held on leaving time. The consensus was to leave Friday evening and go as far as Sioux Falls, unless there are some going that it wouldn't work to leave on Friday evening. A tentative time set was 5:30. We would stay Saturday night in Oklahoma City, and then on the way back stay in Wichita. Kirk will contact the churches to see if we can stay.

Medical: Mary and Kay

Book Keeping & Documents: Judy. Discussion was held on the $400 for the trip. People should have their money in by the next meeting. If you are planning to cross into Mexico, you will need a passport to get back into the United States, unless you are 18 or under. You then must have permission slips from your parents and a certified birth certificate.

Language: Kim, Lexi

Printed Materials: Judy and Jan. Judy will order a case of hard cover Bibles. They will also check if there are any needed VBS printed materials. Our Redeemer, Moorhead, will be once again marking Bibles and sending 50 of them along with us.

Donated Items: Jan & Sandy E. A request from the Pastor at Laredo ,they could use baby clothes, childrens tennis shoes, & quilts.

Spiritual: Pastor Irv and Mary

Music: Pastor, Mark, Jenna

VBS: Cindy, Judy, Kim, Lexi, Jenna

Work Projects: Kirk, Gene, Bob, Del, Rob. Discussion was held on the work projects. We looked at the number of people that we have for doing work and VBS and decided to focus on the project at Word Alone in Nuevo Laredo. Some of the projects discussed were doors, windows, cross, altar, bathroom. We will also attempt to do some work on the Laredo side if we can get a crew together and some VBS help to run it.

Tools: Bob and Gene

Photographer: Bruce, Jenna

Our next meeting is February 2, 2014 at 2 PM St Andrew Lutheran Church.

We closed with the Lords Prayer
Submitted by Janet Baker, Secretary