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Mission Society Minutes October 26, 2014

The St. Andrew Mission Society met at St. Andrew Lutheran at 2 PM on Sunday, October 26. Those present were Jenna J, Cybil J, Bob S, Del R, Sara M, Cindy V, Bruce M, Kirk & Judy R. Kirk opened the meeting with devotions and prayer.

Judy reported on bills paid this month: $1102 for bus insurance, and $102 for the bus license.

The insurance company has requested paperwork on an inspection of the bus. In the past, Bill has always just filled these out for us. Since he has retired, we no longer have that option. Jeff said he wanted $100 to inspect the bus. We are exploring other options of what we may do to meet the needs of the insurance company.

The big discussion at the meeting was the upcoming mission trip. It was decided that, as we had heard nothing from anyone in regards to the dates, we would leave the dates as suggested at leaving the evening of February 6 and returning on February 15, 2015. The main discussion was on where we should go. Dean & Shirley S. had said they would get more information on housing and possible projects in the McAllen area. However, we don't believe they are down there yet, so we had no other information to pass along in regards to this. The church at Rio Bravo is no longer a part of the ELCM. Therefore we had no additional information on this possibility. Del, however, said that he knew people down there, so he will be following up to contact people to see what projects may be available at Rio Bravo. Pastor Mendez told us that there was work at the Colonias on the U.S. side, and also he had contacted pastor Ulysses at Villa Mainero. Pastor Ulysses said they had work on doors, windows, electrical, plumbing, and sidewalk at their location, and there was also word of a mission start he was working on which could also probably use some work. After a lot of discussion, it was decided that we would leave options for people and see once what we could work out. If different people wanted to work in different places, we would split the group up. So it was decided to contact the people and find where their interest was. We want to find out WHO may be interested in going, and WHERE they would like to go. That doesn't mean that this will happen; we are just attempting to find out what people would like to do, and then work accordingly. We would have to coordinate some transportation issues if we were to make some of these things happen. So we would like to hear from those who may be interested in going. We would like you to tell us where you would like to go. If you would like to list your priorities 1,2,3,4, that would be okay, or if you have no preference where you went, that would be okay also. Just let us know. So our options are:
To work at McAllen, in the Colonias and the ranch there.
To go to Rio Bravo.
To work at the Colonias in Laredo.
To go to Villa Mainero.
If you think you may go, we would like you to let us know, and your choice. That doesn't commit you to anything; it just helps us. If you do not send back anything at this time, that doesn't preclude you from going on the trip. This is only to get a survey and a feel for where people may want to go, and how we may be able to make that work.

Looking forward to hearing from everyone. If you have any questions about this, do not hesitate to e-mail Kirk at krosin@juno.com.

The next meeting is set for December 7, 2014 at 2 PM at St. Andrew. We hope at this time to solidify a location we will be going to, to get VBS materials, transportation, etc., prepared.

Respectfully submitted,
Judy Rosin, Acting Secretary