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Mission Society Minutes January 18, 2015

St Andrew Mission Society met at St Andrew Lutheran Church Sunday January 18, 2015 at 2pm. Those present were Bob and Dee Schafer, Kirk & Judy Rosin, Lexi Madlom, Emily Leising, Cybil & Jenna Johnson, Yushuang Duan, John Xu, Jan Baker.

Kirk opened the meeting with prayer. Secretarys report was read and no additions to the treasurer. Kirk mentioned that the Lutheran Heritage Foundation has sent us Chinese Catechisms at no cost. As we have restricted funds for Chinese literature in our treasury, it was suggested we send them $100.00. A motion by Jan, seconded by Bob that we do that.

Our main discussion was on our trip to Villa Mainero as we will be leaving February 6. Committees were assigned as follows:
FOOD & WATER Eunice will be head cook with help from everyone. Everyone is reminded to bring their own water bottle.
BUS Kirk, Bob, Bill. The bus was started and cleaned yesterday. We will leave St. Andrew at 5 PM on Friday evening, February 6. We will hope to have the bus at St. Andrew by 1 PM on Friday and pack at that time. Tentative stops are Sioux Falls and Moore, OK, on the way down, and Wichita/Derby KS on the way back. We are still looking into what transportation we will use in Mexico. LALM has told us we can use the van and trailer again. We believe Pastor Ulises will come up to Nuevo Laredo, but we don't know how many people he may be able to take in his vehicle.
MEDICAL Richard, Kay. We were asked to inventory the first aid kit. Mary Bruenjes probably knows best if there is anything that is needed. Hopefully Kay will talk to her in regards to that.
DOCUMENTS Judy. Everyone needs a passport this year. We do not know for sure whether we can get the free 7 day visas anymore. We may have to purchase the 180 day visas.
LANGUAGE Kim, Mark, Pastor Jenks, Pastor Fenske.
PRINTED MATERIALS Judy. Judy ordered 20 hardcover Spanish Bibles. We also have the marked New Testaments from Our Redeemer, plus we will take some Project Connect pamphlets for them.
DONATED ITEMS Jan, Sandi, Judy, Cindy, Yushuang. Janet and Sandy have everything packed up into suitcases. There is not much for children's articles or carnival prizes. We will see what comes in the next couple of weeks.
VBS Judy, Cindy, Sara, Kim, Jenna, Lexi, Pastor Jenks, Pastor Fenske. The committee met and are preparing the supplies and crafts.
SPIRITUAL Pastor J., Pastor Fenske. We will have morning devotion and evening Bible study/devotion.
MUSIC Jenna, Pastor Jenks, Kim. We will take some music books along.
BUS ACTIVITIES Reiger family. Unknown whether we need to take along the monitors or not.
WORK PROJECTS Bob, Kirk, Gene, Russ, Rob. Pastor Ulises told us that they needed the church altar, installation of lighting inside the church, waterproofing of the roof, false ceiling installation, and sidewalk outside the church. Kirk will touch base with the rest of the committee to see what projects they may be interested in heading up and/or working on.
TOOLS Bob, Gene. The committee said they would take care of tools. If anyone would like to bring some of their own personal hand tools or belt, that would be recommended.
BOOKEEPING Judy. The $400 cost for the trip is due at this time.
PHOTOGRAPHER Lexi, Jenna. Discussion was had on some way of loading all the pictures on the way home. Lexi volunteered her dad to put together a video.

Kirk discussed other Mission Projects. Orphan Grain Train out of Jamestown is getting a container ready to send to Liberia and may need some help packing.
There will be a SAMS display at the ND LCMS Convention in Grand Forks Jan 19-22.

We closed with the Lords Prayer
Submitted by Janet Baker, secretary