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Mission Society Minutes January 10, 2016

The St Andrew Mission Society met January 10, 2016 at 2pm. Those present were Bob & Dee S., Kirk & Judy R. Cindy H., Sara M. Jenna J., Ken K. & Jan B.We also Skyped with Bismarck and Huron groups.
Kirk led a devotion from Luke 2: 8-18 followed by a prayer.
Secretary and treasurers reports were given. Judy stated she had received $500.00 from Dee S & $500.00 from Dave & June R. Alex & Renae
had also given $400.00 to use toward the expenses for youth to go on this trip. It was decided to divide it amongst the youth going, with consideration given to need.
We have received communication from Pastor Velazquez. He said they have 40 beds available, but we need to bring pillows and sleeping bags or blankets. He also said there were cooking facilities available there. We will attempt to communicate more in the future to arrange things.

Food Committee: Kim stated that Eunice will help out with planning of the food, and is making up taco meat for the trip. We are still looking for someone to co-chair the food. The group talked about that, if we do not find someone, the leadership may have to be by committee. Elissa D. said she was willing to take on major responsibilities in this area. Kim said everyone that goes on his trip should bring 2 doz bars or cookies to be used for dessert.
Bus Committee: We have 3 drivers, Kirk, Bob and Bill. We need to get the oil changed and someone to go over the bus before we leave. Bill, our long time friend, has retired, so we need to find somewhere new to get this work done. It was also reviewed that everybody should pack a suitcase for the trip that will be packed away until we get to Laredo, and bring an overnight bag for our stops on the way down. We are planning to depart Friday evening at 6 PM. When we get to Mexico they will have 2 vans to use for the rest of the trip.
Medical Committee: Richard and Kay will fill this spot. We will need to check the First Aid kit to restock before we go.
Documents: Judy and Joan on this committee, Judy stated that everyone must have a passport and everyone under age 18 need their forms signed by their parents, with those signatures notarized. Language: The Reiger family is in charge
Printed Materials: Judy & Sara on this committee. Judy has ordered hardcovered Spanish Bibles, Book of Concord & Project Connect rack in the amount of $270.00 and had them sent to LALM Mission. We will need to pack up the Project Connect pamphlets.
Donated Items: Jan & Sandy have everything in suitcases and marked for the trip. Joan & Cindy will handle it in Mexico. Brian & Kristin will bring up things from Bismarck, and Kim may bring up things to the next meeting from Huron.
VBS: Cindy stated she has it all under control. Kim will bring Spanish invites. After reading the Pastor's response, it was decided to cut back our estimated VBS materials to 150. It appears there are two sessions of school, so we will attempt to have 2 VBS sessions every day.
Spiritual: Kristin & Ken will lead devotions & Bible studys. They will be assisted by Jonathan & Jacob. Ken will bring his guitar.
Music: Ken, Jenna, Bethany, Jonathan, Jacob & Aidan will work on this committee.
Bus Activities: Jake & Gabe are in charge. We need to remember to bring the monitors.
Work Project: Bob, Russ, and Rob will be in charge with the help of all the young people.
Tools: Bob & Russ have all the tools needed & will check into donations of tools.
Bookkeeping: Judy said $100.00 is due today and the balance of $300.00 by the next meeting. Checks should be made out to St. Andrew Mission Society and can be mailed directly to Judy.
Photographer:& Historian: Joan & Jenna will head up this committee.

Other Mission Opportunities: Bill R. needs helpers to man the LLL Booth at the Valley City Winter Show on March 10-12.
April 30 has been set as a Work Day at the Orphan Grain facility in Jamestown, contact Kirk for more information.

Next Meeting is set for Jan 31, 2016 at 2pm at St. Andrew.
Ken closed with prayer
Respectfully submitted by Jan Baker, Secretary